Sports Betting Odds: Future Odds for NY & CA Teams

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New York Sports Betting Odds

FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook have their future odds in place for a number of sporting events. Teams in New York feature some of the best, and worst, odds and value across their respective leagues. Some New York teams, such as the Yankees, not only provide excellent value but also have great chances of winning a championship. Other teams, like the Jets, may have made some big off-season moves to better their team, but are still ways away from competing for a title.

NY JetsFanDuelOver WinsN/A
NY JetsDraftKingsOver Wins6.5(-110)
NY JetsFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
NY JetsDraftKingsUnder Wins6.5(-110)
NY JetsFanDuelAFC East ChampionN/A
NY JetsDraftKingsAFC East Champion+1200
NY JetsFanDuelAFC Champion+3400
NY JetsDraftKingsAFC Champion+3000
NY JetsFanDuelSuper Bowl Champion+7000
NY JetsDraftKingsSuper Bowl Champion+7000
NY GiantsFanDuelOver WinsN/A
NY GiantsDraftKingsOver Wins6(-110)
NY GiantsFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
NY GiantsDraftKingsUnder Wins6(-110)
NY GiantsFanDuelNFC East ChampionN/A
NY GiantsDraftKingsNFC East Champion+800
NY GiantsFanDuelNFC Champion+4000
NY GiantsDraftKingsNFC Champion+2800
NY GiantsFanDuelSuper Bowl Champion+8000
NY GiantsDraftKingsSuper Bowl Champion+6600
New York KnicksFanDuelOver WinsN/A
New York KnicksDraftKingsOver WinsN/A
New York KnicksFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
New York KnicksDraftKingsUnder WinsN/A
New York KnicksFanDuelAtlantic Division ChampionN/A
New York KnicksDraftKingsAtlantic Division ChampionN/A
New York KnicksFanDuelEastern Conference ChampionN/A
New York KnicksDraftKingsEastern Conference ChampionN/A
New York KnicksFanDuelNBA Finals ChampionN/A
New York KnicksDraftKingsNBA Finals ChampionN/A
Brooklyn NetsFanDuelOver WinsN/A
Brooklyn NetsDraftKingsOver WinsN/A
Brooklyn NetsFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
Brooklyn NetsDraftKingsUnder WinsN/A
Brooklyn NetsFanDuelAtlantic Division ChampionN/A
Brooklyn NetsDraftKingsAtlantic Division ChampionN/A
Brooklyn NetsFanDuelEastern Conference ChampionN/A
Brooklyn NetsDraftKingsEastern Conference ChampionN/A
Brooklyn NetsFanDuelNBA Finals Champion+10000
Brooklyn NetsDraftKingsNBA Finals ChampionN/A
New York YankeesFanDuelAL East ChampionN/A
New York YankeesDraftKingsAL East Champion-335
New York YankeesFanDuelAL Champion+160
New York YankeesDraftKingsAL Champion+200
New York YankeesFanDuelWorld Series Champion+390
New York YankeesDraftKingsWorld Series Champion+400
New York MetsFanDuelNL East ChampionN/A
New York MetsDraftKingsNL East Champion+300
New York MetsFanDuelNL Champion+1000
New York MetsDraftKingsNL Champion+1000
New York MetsFanDuelWorld Series Champion+2100
New York MetsDraftKingsWorld Series Champion+2200
New York RangersFanDuelStanley Cup Champion+4000
New York RangersDraftKingsStanley Cup Champion+8000
New York IslandersFanDuelStanley Cup Champion+3200
New York IslandersDraftKingsStanley Cup Champion+1700
New York LibertyFanDuelWNBA ChampionN/A
New York LibertyDraftKingsWNBA ChampionN/A
Syracuse FootballFanDuelOver WinsN/A
Syracuse FootballDraftKingsOver WinsN/A
Syracuse FootballFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
Syracuse FootballDraftKingsUnder WinsN/A
Syracuse FootballFanDuelACC ChampionN/A
Syracuse FootballDraftKingsACC Champion+4000
Syracuse FootballFanDuelFBS Champion+20000
Syracuse FootballDraftKingsFBS Champion+20000
Army FootballFanDuelOver WinsN/A
Army FootballDraftKingsOver WinsN/A
Army FootballFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
Army FootballDraftKingsUnder WinsN/A
Army FootballFanDuelFBS Champion+150000
Army FootballDraftKingsFBS Champion+50000
Syracuse BasketballFanDuelCBB National ChampionN/A
Syracuse BasketballDraftKingsCBB National ChampionN/A
St. Johns BasketballFanDuelCBB National ChampionN/A
St. Johns BasketballDraftKingsCBB National ChampionN/A

New York Jets

The New York Jets have their win prediction set at around seven games. FanDuel has their win total set at 7 while DraftKings is set at 7.5. The addition of Le’Veon Bell may have many Jets’ fans excited, but one player (who sat out the entire previous season) can’t cover up all of the holes this team has. Based on their schedule, the Jets should only win about five or six games, so the UNDER is the best bet. None of their champion odds should be taken seriously.

New York Giants

new york giantsThe New York Giants are in an even worse situation than the Jets. While the Jets at least added a big named running back to their roster, they also have Sam Darnold looking like their franchise quarterback. The Giants are still stuck in the mud with Eli Manning at quarterback and sent their best player, Odell Beckham Jr., to the Cleveland Browns. Once Manning begins the season on a losing streak (most likely starting the season 1-5), Giants fans will be calling for Daniel Jones to replace him. The odds of Jones winning more than five of the teams last 10 games is unlikely. UNDER six wins is the best bet on FanDuel. As with the Jets, any championship bets on the Giants are a waste of money.

New York Knicks

new york knicksNot only did the Knicks miss out on Zion Williamson when they didn’t land the first overall pick in the draft, but they missed out in free agency as well. Many thought that Kevin Durant and possibly other big-name players like Kyrie Irving would be headed to New York. Well, they did, except not to the Knicks. Based on the team’s current roster, the UNDER on their win total is a great bet.

Brooklyn Nets

brooklyn netsThe Brooklyn Nets won the Kevin Durant sweepstakes and added in Kyrie Irving as well. Basically stealing the two players that were expected to go to cross-town rival New York Knicks. Don’t expect to see Durant playing at all this season (although miracles happen), but this team will still be improved this season. Brooklyn won 42 games last season and their win total is around 47 games for both FanDuel and DraftKings. Look for the Nets to get 50 wins this season and hit the OVER on both books. There is also solid value in betting the Nets to win the Atlantic Division, but without Durant, that will be about as far as they will go this season.

New York Yankees

new york yankeesThe Yankees are the best team in New York right now across all sports. They have the best odds of winning a title this season and seem to be on pace to do just that. Despite all of their injuries this season, the Yankees are one of the best, if not the best, team in the Majors. Despite the low payout, you can bank on the Yankees winning the A.L. East. They are also a great team to take to win the A.L. as well as the World Series.

New York Mets

Mets fans once again are suffering a losing season despite their pre-season aspirations being so high. They brought in plenty of big-name players this offseason, but injuries and subpar play have led them to a sub .500 season pace. You can get one hell of a payout on the Mets winning the World Series, or even their division. However, you can chalk the bet up as a loss as soon as you place it. The team’s bullpen will end any hopes that the offense can generate. Time for the Mets to tear down and rebuild around their young core of Michael Conforto, Jeff McNeil, and Pete Alonso (as well as Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard on the mound).

California Sports Betting Odds

FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook have their future odds in place for a number of sporting events. California is home to more professional sports team than any other state (16). Some California teams, such as the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Dodgers, are used to making championship appearances. Others, like the Sacramento Kings and San Diego Padres, haven’t enjoyed that kind of success. However, they appear to be making the right moves in order to reach that goal.

Oakland AthleticsFanDuelWorld Series Champion+2500
Oakland AthleticsDraftKingsWorld Series Champion+2800
Oakland AthleticsFanDuelAL WinnerN/A
Oakland AthleticsDraftKingsAL Winner+1300
Los Angeles DodgersFanDuelWorld Series Champion+380
Los Angeles DodgersDraftKingsWorld Series Champion+375
Los Angeles DodgersFanDuelNL WinnerN/A
Los Angeles DodgersDraftKingsNL Winner+170
San Francisco GiantsFanDuelWorld Series Champion+50000
San Francisco GiantsDraftKingsWorld Series Champion+25000
San Francisco GiantsFanDuelNL WinnerN/A
San Francisco GiantsDraftKingsNL Winner+12500
Los Angeles RamsFanDuelOver WinsN/A
Los Angeles RamsDraftKingsOver Wins9(-110)
Los Angeles RamsFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
Los Angeles RamsDraftKingsUnder Wins9(-110)
Los Angeles RamsFanDuelNFC West ChampionN/A
Los Angeles RamsDraftKingsNFC West Champion+300
Los Angeles RamsFanDuelNFC ChampionN/A
Los Angeles RamsDraftKingsNFC Champion+1050
Los Angeles RamsFanDuelSuper Bowl Champion+2200
Los Angeles RamsDraftKingsSuper Bowl Champion+2200
Los Angeles ChargersFanDuelOver WinsN/A
Los Angeles ChargersDraftKingsOver Wins7(-110)
Los Angeles ChargersFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
Los Angeles ChargersDraftKingsUnder Wins7(-110)
Los Angeles ChargersFanDuelAFC West ChampionN/A
Los Angeles ChargersDraftKingsAFC West Champion+1000
Los Angeles ChargersFanDuelAFC ChampionN/A
Los Angeles ChargersDraftKingsAFC Champion+2200
Los Angeles ChargersFanDuelSuper Bowl Champion+3500
Los Angeles ChargersDraftKingsSuper Bowl Champion+5000
San Francisco 49ersFanDuelOver WinsN/A
San Francisco 49ersDraftKingsOver Wins10.5(-110)
San Francisco 49ersFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
San Francisco 49ersDraftKingsUnder Wins10.5(-110)
San Francisco 49ersFanDuelNFC West ChampionN/A
San Francisco 49ersDraftKingsNFC West Champion+120
San Francisco 49ersFanDuelNFC ChampionN/A
San Francisco 49ersDraftKingsNFC Champion+500
San Francisco 49ersFanDuelSuper Bowl Champion+900
San Francisco 49ersDraftKingsSuper Bowl Champion+900
Los Angeles LakersFanDuelOver WinsN/A
Los Angeles LakersDraftKingsOver WinsN/A
Los Angeles LakersFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
Los Angeles LakersDraftKingsUnder WinsN/A
Los Angeles LakersFanDuelPacific Division ChampionN/A
Los Angeles LakersDraftKingsPacific Division ChampionN/A
Los Angeles LakersFanDuelWestern Conference ChampionN/A
Los Angeles LakersDraftKingsWestern Conference ChampionN/A
Los Angeles LakersFanDuelNBA Finals Champion+270
Los Angeles LakersDraftKingsNBA Finals ChampionN/A
LA ClippersFanDuelOver WinsN/A
LA ClippersDraftKingsOver WinsN/A
LA ClippersFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
LA ClippersDraftKingsUnder WinsN/A
LA ClippersFanDuelPacific Division ChampionN/A
LA ClippersDraftKingsPacific Division ChampionN/A
LA ClippersFanDuelWestern Conference ChampionN/A
LA ClippersDraftKingsWestern Conference ChampionN/A
LA ClippersFanDuelNBA Finals Champion+340
LA ClippersDraftKingsNBA Finals ChampionN/A
Sacramento KingsFanDuelOver WinsN/A
Sacramento KingsDraftKingsOver WinsN/A
Sacramento KingsFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
Sacramento KingsDraftKingsUnder WinsN/A
Sacramento KingsFanDuelPacific Division ChampionN/A
Sacramento KingsDraftKingsPacific Division ChampionN/A
Sacramento KingsFanDuelWestern Conference ChampionN/A
Sacramento KingsDraftKingsWestern Conference ChampionN/A
Sacramento KingsFanDuelNBA Finals Champion+25000
Sacramento KingsDraftKingsNBA Finals ChampionN/A
Golden State WarriorsFanDuelOver WinsN/A
Golden State WarriorsDraftKingsOver WinsN/A
Golden State WarriorsFanDuelUnder WinsN/A
Golden State WarriorsDraftKingsUnder WinsN/A
Golden State WarriorsFanDuelPacific Division ChampionN/A
Golden State WarriorsDraftKingsPacific Division ChampionN/A
Golden State WarriorsFanDuelWestern Conference ChampionN/A
Golden State WarriorsDraftKingsWestern Conference ChampionN/A
Golden State WarriorsFanDuelNBA Finals ChampionN/A
Golden State WarriorsDraftKingsNBA Finals ChampionN/A
Anaheim DucksFanDuelStanley Cup Champion+25000
Anaheim DucksDraftKingsStanley Cup ChampionN/A
Los Angeles KingsFanDuelStanley Cup Champion+25000
Los Angeles KingsDraftKingsStanley Cup ChampionN/A
San Jose SharksFanDuelStanley Cup Champion+25000
San Jose SharksDraftKingsStanley Cup ChampionN/A
Los Angeles SparksFanDuelWNBA ChampionN/A
Los Angeles SparksDraftKingsWNBA ChampionN/A

Los Angeles Dodgers

Currently, FanDuel Sportsbook has the Los Angeles Dodgers as the second-best odds to win the World Series (+250) trailing only the Houston Astros (+220). DraftKings has the same order but has the Dodgers at +260. Right now, this looks like a great bet. The Dodgers have made it to the last two World Series (although they lost both). They are in a great position to make a third-straight trip to The Fall Clasic. Heading into the final week of the MLB season, the Dodgers are fourth in runs, first in runs allowed, first in hits allowed, first in ERA, second in BAA and first in WHIP. Aside from FLD% and SB, the Dodgers are in the top ten in every other major offensive and defensive category. Arguably the most complete team in baseball, the Dodgers have a great shot at winning the World Series this year with only one or two teams realistically standing in their way.

Oakland Athletics

With six games left, the Oakland Athletics look poised to be heading back to the playoffs, albeit in a Wild Card spot. Assuming they do manage to hold on to their Wild Card lead, they will end up playing the Cleveland Indians or Tampa Bay Rays in the first round. This is a very underrated A’s team that could certainly make some noise come playoff time. Oakland is sixth in the league in both runs scored and runs allowed per game. At +1800 on DraftKings and +2000 on FanDuel, Oakland’s World Series odds are one of those bets that are worth a stab. Getting 20/1 on your money on a team that has the all-around talent to pull off a World Series upset isn’t the worst bet in the world.

Los Angeles Rams

Off to a 3-0 start, the L.A. Rams quest to return to the Super Bowl is off to a good start. Despite this perfect record, things aren’t all smiles in L.A. Quarterback Jared Goff already has five turnovers and the offense as a whole hasn’t been that great (16th in total yards). The health of Todd Gurley is also in question and he is averaging just 16 touches per game (averaged over 22 last season). The first half of their schedule is favorable but this team will need to improve if they want to compete with the NFC elite. They currently sit as the third-best odds on both FanDuel (+850) and DraftKings (+800). Those are solid payouts but there are better options out there with even better payouts at this time (Cowboys+1300 and Packers +1200(DK)/+1400(FD)). Until we find out that Gurley is 100% and that Goff has improved, hold off on the Rams Super Bowl bets.

San Francisco 49ers

Another undefeated team, the San Francisco 49ers, head into their Week 4 bye with a 3-0 record. They haven’t played the most difficult schedule (opponents combines 1-8) but it is still a little surprising that they are 3-0. Turnovers have been an issue for this team (8) but they still find a way to win games. They are fourth in yards per game and second in total yards allowed. The defense has looked really good, especially considering the situations their offense has put them in at times. If the 49ers can clean up their mistakes they have the potential to be one of the biggest surprises in the league this season. Until they play a playoff-caliber team I wouldn’t get overhyped on this team. FanDuel currently has its Super Bowl odds at +2800. Maybe worth a small flyer bet but nothing serious.

Golden State Warriors

The NBA season is less than a month away and the Golden State Warriors enter the season with the seventh-best odds (+1400) at both FanDuel and DraftKings. This is the lowest they have entered the season since their dynasty began back in 2015. The departure of Kevin Durant is a bit of a blow to this team but you have to remember they won a title before he arrived in Golden State. The core is still there for this team with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Golden State should do just fine without Thompson for most of the season (ACL injury) but he should be back in time for the playoffs when they will need him most. The additions of Willie Cauley-Stein and D’Angelo Russell are huge. The talent is certainly there and they have championship experience. At 14/1 odds, taking the Warriors to win it all is one of the best NBA bets you can make heading into this season.

Los Angeles Clippers

Not only are the Clippers entering the season as the expected number one team in L.A. or even California, but the entire league. The Clippers are the favorites for both FanDuel (+330) and DraftKings (+325). Landing Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to play alongside Patrick Beverley instantly made the Clippers a favorite heading into the 2019 season. While they will no doubt be a good team and probably contend for a top seed in the West, I wouldn’t go all-in on the Clippers just yet. Unless they blow out the competition all season long, there is a good chance the odds on the Clippers see better days. Wait to see if the pre-season hype is for real before banking on it.

Los Angeles Lakers

The other Los Angeles team, the Lakers, are expected to have a big season this year as well. They land behind the Clippers with the second-best odds to win it all this season according to both FanDuel (+440) and DraftKings (+425). The Lakers brought in Danny Green, Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard to team up with LeBron James and Rajon Rondo. Rondo and Howard are past their prime but they both still offer specifics to the game that pair well with the expected high-scoring duo of Davis and James. They also have three solid bench options in Kyle Kuzma, JaVale McGee and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. This team looks built for the playoffs and should have no trouble being one of the best in the West this season. Like the Clippers, I would still like to see how this team plays together before jumping on the bandwagon. Although, any team with James on the roster is a good bet to win a title.

San Jose Sharks

Of the three NHL teams in California (Anaheim, Los Angeles and San Jose), the Sharks enter the 2019 season with the best odds to capture the Stanley Cup this season. FanDuel has the Sharks tied with the seventh-best odds at +1800 while DraftKings has them as 11th-best at +1900. The Sharks lost captain Joe Pavelski to free agency (Dallas Stars) and although Joe Thornton is returning for another season, he is now 40-years old. There is plenty of talent on this team with Timo Meier, Erik Karlsson and Logan Couture. However, I think there are a few other teams that provide good odds and are more likely to win the Stanley Cup this season (Boston +1000(FD)/+1300(DK), Colorado +1800(FD)/+1700(DK) and Calgary +2000(FD)/+1800(DK).