FanDuel Sportsbook New York: Mobile App in 2020?

FanDuel’s Tioga Downs Sportsbook Hits Leadoff Homerun for New York Sports Betting

New York became the 10th state to legalize sports betting last month. The fight was long and not without some heated debates. Two of the biggest players in daily fantasy sports (DFS), found that their old battles still created some ill-will.
However, FanDuel linked themselves with Tioga Downs to be one of the first physical sportsbooks operating in the Empire State. Here’s a quick overview of the sports betting timeline in New York, and why FanDuel is primed to be a huge player in the New York sports betting scene.

New York Sports Betting Up-to-Date

On Friday, New York brought the count to double-digits for US states that have legalized sports betting. Following the May 2018 US Supreme Court ruling, the debates have been frequent, but the progress consistently steady.
New Jersey jumped in almost immediately, and another state bordering New York came on board only few months ago. With Pennsylvania and New Jersey within driving distance for most New Yorkers, it was obvious something needed to happen, and it needed to happen quickly.
The New York State Gaming Commission NYSGC knew well that revenue was walking across state lines. Lawmakers started the legislative process over a year ago. There was limited resistance, and some still exists, especially against mobile sports betting.
However, last June, the rules and regulations were put in place to begin the first phase of legal sports betting in New York. That initial stage places various limitations on the industry. Because of strong resistance from the governor’s office, there is no current legislation allowing online betting.
Only physical sportsbooks can accept bets from bettors in person. These physical locations were also limited to the facilities already in existence and in Upstate New York. Tribal casinos, because of the Indian gaming regulations, can offer anything extended to commercial venues.

Ceremonial First Bet

Sports’ betting has taken a page from the first pitch in baseball games or the ceremonial coin flip in football. In New York, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo laid down the first official wager on a sporting invent in the Empire State.
As part of the FanDuel and Tioga Downs Casino Resort partnership, Lupardo’s initial bet was part of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the first sports lounge in New York.

FanDuel Bats Leadoff

The FanDuel Group’s direct affiliation with their managing entity, Paddy Power Betfair gives them a leading edge in New York. The Tioga Downs facility is another key component of why aspirations are so high for FanDuel in New York. There will be eight betting windows, plus 14 self-serve kiosks with the FanDuel sportsbook. At each one, you can apply a FanDuel Sportsbook promo code for a new user bonus.

Being the first to take a legal bet in New York was like free publicity for both FanDuel and Tioga Downs. However, the projections for FanDuel’s success in the New York sports’ gambling market aren’t based on the novelty of accepting that first-bet.
FanDuel hit a homerun by taking the first bet, but they also have produced in other markets. Their performance in New Jersey alone has been top-notch. FanDuel’s physical New Jersey location is at the Meadowlands Race Track. During the month of March 2019, it produced the top revenue numbers in the Garden State.
In fact, FanDuel nearly tripled the competition. During this one-month stretch, fueled by March Madness, FanDuel generated $4.27 million in betting revenue. There is little doubt that FanDuel will produce similar revenue generating success at the 2,600 square foot facility inside Tioga Downs.
Now, all excitement surrounding FanDuel’s brick and mortar operations at Tioga Downs is great. However, there’s an equally intense level of anticipation centered on the eventual launch of the FanDuel Sportsbook app.

The FanDuel Sportsbook App in New York

FanDuel currently has four fixed locations across the United States. Each has been successful. But, New Jersey statistics foretell how much anticipation there should be over when New York will open up to sports bettors using mobile devices.
The FanDuel app is user-friendly with hard numbers to back up its performance. It uses cutting-edge industry software that assures both privacy and user security. There are deposit bonus offers and several promotions that New York bettors will be able to take advantage.
FanDuel’s sportsbook app has set the benchmark for mobile betting in New Jersey, and the Pennsylvania launch kicked off in high gear earlier this month. Once New York lawmakers iron out the details for mobile betting in the Empire State, look for FanDuel to hitting at the top of the order in that venue as well.
There is some conjecture that New York lawmakers are somehow afraid of US Department of Justice memos and proclamations made late last fall. One theory is that legal oversight should proceed with caution because it could open the door to illegal bets made online from outside New York’s borders.
New York senators don’t necessarily agree with much of this reasoning. It also appears much of the support for holding off on launching mobile betting is coming directly out of the governor’s office.

Why No Mobile, Yet?

All someone has to do is look at the lopsided numbers comparing physical bets placed and the percentage of bets place using online or mobile capabilities. In fact, the gap is staggering. New York lawmakers and money counters are certainly aware of performance statistics from other states.
What is puzzling is why New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seems so dead-set against mobile betting. There is some logic in the theory that he is holding a grudge against two of the biggest potential benefactors of legal New York mobile sports betting.
FanDuel’s sportsbook app took New Jersey by storm, and DraftKings online operations in the Garden State have been nearly as successful as their DFS rival. We may never know the precise reason why the New York governor is taking a position against mobile sports betting.
However, it’s a safe bet to assume it has something to do with the black-eye he got when fighting against FanDuel and DraftKings’ daily fantasy operations. As the New York attorney general Cuomo lost the legal battle to label DFS as gambling.
So, for the foreseeable future, New Yorkers will still have to be present to make a bet on their favorite sports’ game. However, they won’t have to drive across state lines, taking state revenue with them.
Fans can show up at any of the current locations and choose from a myriad of bets. Odds are available for individual games in almost every major sport. There are also in-game prop bets, plus there is a list of odds for the team and player futures market.
FanDuel is one of the facilities that grabbed an early advantage. They did the same thing in New Jersey and catapulted to the top of the state’s sports gambling statistics list. Frequently, history proves a viable judge of future performance.
FanDuel should have no reason to expect their attractive operation won’t succeed in the Empire State as well. Since the numbers don’t lie, it might be safe money to bet they’ll be more than just an integral part of the New York sports betting industry.