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FanDuel Sportsbook offers a familiar and intuitive gaming experience, both on desktop and via the FanDuel Sportsbook App. With one of the widest-ranging betting menus of any sportsbook, several easy and quick deposit and withdrawal options, as well as lightning-quick customer support, FanDuel Sportsbook proves a valuable option all varieties of sports bettors.

Additionally, there may never be a better time to sign up for a new sportsbook than right now with FanDuel.  Just this past month, as New Jersey bookmakers reported a net loss for Super Bowl LIV, FanDuel CEO, Matt King said that he did not care whether or not his company won or lost money on the Super Bowl.  He reiterated that he would be happy as long as his company provided “a great experience” during the Big Game for all of its users.

Translation: FanDuel eagerly wants your business.  Even if that means losing money to you initially. FanDuel currently offers a ton of promotions not only for new users – more on that in a minute – but also on-going promotions and new features to entice sports bettors to become more and more familiar with their product. While FanDuel may tamp down some of their more generous offers in the future – there is no reason not to take advantage of their generous promotions right now.

New User Welcome Bonus

Fan Duel Sportbook’s marquee promotion right now is their “Risk-Free” bet for New Users. Using this promotion any customer can make one “Risk-Free” bet up to $500. If the bet loses FanDuel will (within 72 hours) refund the amount of the wager back to the player’s Fan Duel Sportsbook Account.

A couple of things to keep in mind about this promotion. 1.) The promotion only comes into play if your initial “Risk-Free” bet loses. If the bet wins, then you as the player get no benefit from using this promotion – don’t worry the money won from the bet still spends just fine.

Also, keep in mind that if you do lose your “Risk Free” bet, you will have to play through your refunded money at least one time before you make a withdrawal of that refunded money. In other words, if you bet $500 and lose, you will be refunded the $500 in cite credit. At that point, you will have to make at least $500 worth of bets using your cite credit before you can withdraw that amount from your account.

Sportsbook Review

Currently available online in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana & West Virginia (as well retail-only options in New York & Iowa) the FanDuel Sportsbook offers all the classic wagers we all know and love: Sides, Moneylines, Totals & Futures.

Additionally, next to every game there is a “More Wagers” tab. Click here to access a variety of Player Props, Alternative Spreads, Special Game Props, as well as wagers on each Quarter and each Half (or Period for all you NHL fans out there).

The clean & elegant design of both the desktop and mobile options makes it easy to navigate to any sport-specific options, such as Futures and “Specials”.  One example of a “Special” may be something like “What team will Tom Brady play for in the 2020-2021 NFL season?”

“Popular Bets” – On the “Home” tab, provides a variety of interactive banners that show what is topical in the sports betting universe.

For example, on 2/26/20 on the main page above the betting menu there was a banner that read “Popular Bets” and featured a bettable tab showing the Boston Celtics +162 at the Utah Jazz that night. Underneath the betting option there was text that read “88% of bets back Boston Celtics”.

Because 9 in 10 people are betting a side does that mean there’s value the other way? I don’t know. While the information doesn’t clearly point one way or the other, providing internal data about a betting event is of interest to the most ardent sports bettor as well as the casual fan. If a “Popular Bet” banner does not interest you, simply hit the X in the top right corner and the graphic goes away, leaving only the main sports betting menu.

The convenience and totality of FanDuel Sports Book App makes it a must-have for any serious sports bettor in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana & West Virginia. Any game you want to bet at any time, FanDuel is a convenient go-to options not only to bet but to see where the betting market thinks. However, with that convenience, comes slightly worse odds than in some less convenient places.

Comparing and contrasting some “Futures” odds from various books, it quickly becomes clear that FanDuel doesn’t always have the most attractive odds for various events. Based largely in the Northeast, many FanDuel Sportsbook users are fans of teams from New York and the surrounding areas. Because of this phenomenon, teams from NY & NJ will often have a premium on their odds. For example, if you are betting the Yankees to win the World Series, you will probably find better odds in a Las Vegas sportsbook than you will betting on Fan Duel.

Using the FanDuel Sportsbook Mobile App

If you are a regular user of FanDuel Sportsbook website, the App will be a pleasant and easy experience.

The FanDuel Sportsbook Mobile App – like the desktop website – is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate, whether you are looking for the next upcoming sporting event or any sporting on which you wish to wager.

The App is not currently on the Google Play store – which can be confusing for initial users. However, if you navigate to the FanDuel Sportsbook webpage from your smartphone, there instructions on how to download and install the App onto your phone and clear and straight forward.

The App matches almost exactly the design, form and features of the desktop version, which makes going back and forth from one to the other easy and hassle-free.

One drawback I found using the App, is that if you hit the highlighted “Casino” tab on the App, an entirely new screen will load, which takes about 10 seconds. The “Casino” feature of the App offers a variety of house games which have a much larger “house-edge” than is typical for sports betting. Closing the “Casino” as well as takes about 10 seconds before you can navigate back to Sportsbook App.

This strikes me as kind of cheap – because it basically requires each user to download two apps in one. The one you want – the Sportsbook App – and the one that will be at best entirely useless, and at worst could you cost money. One might argue that some people like the Casino App. My counter-point would be that they could always have a separate downloadable App that people that like the “Casino” option could download independently.

Like their website, the FanDuel Sportsbook app does a great job of selecting the most popular and soonest upcoming games and placing them on top of their “Popular” tab. On 2/26/20, the UEFA Champions League was one of the bigger sporting events of the month – which I had almost completely forgotten about. Having FanDuel display the games and the odds benefits of my experience not only as a sports bettor but also as a sports fan.

Below the UCL games in their “Popular tab” they also have Spring Training MLB games. Any sporting event you can imagine, most likely FanDuel not only as betting options for that event, but has as many betting option on it as any sportsbook out there.

Odds Boost + Other Ongoing Promotions

Another reason it is a great time to sign up for FanDuel Sportsbook is because of the ongoing promotions including, “Odds Boost”. “Odds Boost” provides additional value for fun and exotic sports wagers – often making them positive EV scenarios.

However, it is important to consider that even if a sportsbook is offering improved odds, the improved odds often come off a base that is lower than the industry standard.

For example: On 2/26/19, you could have bet that three NBA road favorites will win, with the payout if all 3 teams win +200. Usually, the cite says, this bet would pay +166, but the Odds boost makes it +200 or $2 of profit for every $1 wagered.

Here is an example, however, that in general FanDuel prices are not the best. If one simple parlay each of these teams on the Moneyline – essentially the exact same bet – that would pay out +176. So while the +200 offering is giving you above market value, most of the time without the “Odd Boosts” FanDuel propositions may lower inherent value than other sports betting options. In this case, the +166 they usually offer for this wager is 6% lower than the same bet you could make manually using a parlay.

Signing up For a New Account

Given how aggressively Fan Duel is going after new customers, it should be no surprise that they make signing up for an account and making your first deposit incredibly easy and straight forward. Provided you are in one of the states in which FanDuel is currently active, signing up for an account is as simple as going to the FanDuel Sportsbook webpage or App and clicking the “Join Now” button in the top right corner.

The screen will prompt you to enter your “Account Details” such as your email, security questions, and password. Next, you will enter your “Contact Details” including your phone number. Finally, you will be prompted to enter your Social Security number, which will be verified by an independent service that FanDuel uses. This is important to note that since each account is connected to one SS number, FanDuel Sportsbook only allows one account per person.

FanDuel Sportsbook provides as many or more deposit and withdrawal options as any other sportsbook I have come across. They accept electronic bank transfer, Paypal, credit/debit card deposits, FanDuel Prepaid Card, as well as in-person deposit options at any participating 7/11, CVS or Family Dollar stores.

Withdrawal Options include online bank transfer (ACH), check, PayPal, the Fan Duel Prepaid Card, as well as same-day Cash withdrawal at the Meadowlands Racetrack in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The FanDuel Prepaid Card is a convenient option for individuals whose bank restrict online gaming. On the FanDuel Sportsbook website or App, simply select “prepaid card” when adding funds and you can link your checking account to the prepaid card. The prepaid card basically works as a middle-man between your bank account and Fan Duel. Some banks restrict customers from online wagering. However, through the prepaid card, any bank account can be indirectly linked to your FanDuel Sportsbook account.,

Customer Service

The Customer Service at FanDuel greatly surpassed my expectations.  Both by phone and by online chat, I received answers to my questions in less than 5 minutes.  By phone, I connected with a live person in New Jersey almost immediately.  The wait time was similarly short using their online chat feature on their website.

The quickness of their customer service options again illustrates the effort Fan Duel will make to make each new and current user’s experience hassle-free.


Does FanDuel have good odds?

Yes & no. With the “Odds Boost” feature, there will be at least some Odds every day on a particular sporting event that are better than any other similar odds in the industry. Normally, however, FanDuel will have Odds commiserate with the industry standard for an easily accessible Sportsbook, which to say slightly worse Odds than off-shore options such as Pinnacle.

Some teams – especially those that have a lot of fans in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic – will have a premium on their odds because Fans, by and large, will want to bet on their own teams. FanDuel skews their odds in favor of these teams to balance their books, which also means that there is often relative value betting against these popular Northeastern teams.

Is there a way to see a history of all my past wagers?

No. One of the more common complaints about the FanDuel Sportsbook App is that keeps no record of prior wagers – won or lost. Often a Future bet settles without the user’s knowledge, and without any way to discover when the bet was settled or exactly the wager was. Customer service will not be able to aid in this area. The best solution to this problem is to independently track wagers so that you can easily look up what you bet when even after the bet is settled.

How do I Play FanDuel Sportsbook?

One common theme in complaints about the everyday use of the FanDuel Sportsbook is that the rules of each game and wager are not entirely clear. For example, one user complained about soccer bets that settle after 90 minutes, rather than factoring in the results of Extra Time and the Penalty Shootout. The user complained, “I shouldn’t have to guess at what the bet is actually on because they give 90% of the information and don’t tell you the last 10%.”

This is a valid criticism – because for all of the options available on FanDuel Sportsbook – there is very little verbiage on the cite explaining the exact “fine-print” details of each wager.  If you are uncertain of any particular bet, I suggest reaching out to customer service beforehand to answer any questions.

Again, Customer Service for FanDuel have great response time and most users report having any issue they have resolved within 15-20 minutes of reaching out.

Can FanDuel be Trusted?

FanDuel is one of the best-known brands in the sports gaming industry.  Since 2009 Fan Duel has a run a national daily fantasy sports website that has entertained (and paid) millions of customers.  They are a licensed and insured corporation well vetted by the public including consumer protection agencies.

What is a FanDuel Prepaid Card?

A FanDuel Prepaid Card is a useful option to link your bank account and FanDuel Sportsbook account.  While it is possible with some bank accounts to directly fund your FanDuel Sportsbook account, other banks restrict any transactions that have to do with gambling.  If this is the case at your bank, you are allowed to fund you FanDuel Prepaid Card, which you can then you use to fund your FanDuel Sportsbook account.

Are FanDuel winnings taxable?

Yes.  Any use that nets earnings of $600 or more during a calendar year, then you may be required to pay taxes on your net winnings.  Users that won more than $600 net should expect to receive a 1099 Tax Form in the mail, which will be necessary for your filling your taxes.

How to Change Username on Fanduel?

Not every user is able to change their name on FanDuel.  Those have that used the site for an extended period of time may not be able to change their username.  If you are brand new player, Fan Duel will make an exception and allow you to change your username within the first few weeks of signing up.  Each username change is addressed on a case by case basis.  Contact FanDuel customer support to request approval of a username change.


Editor’s review

The breadth and variety of Fan Duel Sportbook’s betting menu alone makes it a must have for those of us that love sports betting.  Many odds that are easily accessible on Fan Duel Sportsbook are difficult to find anywhere else in sports betting universe.

The current promotions sets it apart as a valuable sportsbook to access, as well.  However, because of their convenience and mass appeal they are not required to have the best odds in every market.  Some futures on Fan Duel will pay have as much as you can find in other sportsbook.  Other times, Fan Duel will have the best payouts for a particular event.  So be aware of their prices relative to other sportsbook, but consider them one of your first go-to options to easily access lines and odds.

Rating 8 out of 10


  1. Large variety of betting options
  2. Easily navigable site and mobile App
  3. Easy and fast deposits/withdrawals.
  4. Great customer support.
  5. Valuable promotional offers, especially in exotic wagers and parlays.


  1. Future payouts often lower than other sportsbooks.
  2. Fine print of particular wagers not always readily available.
  3. “Casino” menu bogs down mobile app experience.
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