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We are a team of writers with over a decade of experience writing about sports, betting and news. We only work with legal betting sites in the US that are licensed and regulated. We provide the highest bonus offers that are verified by our staff. These offers come directly from the sports betting sites. We concentrate our efforts on finding the best promotional offers as it relates to legalizing sports betting in the US. We also cover betting news related to horse racing, casino, poker, daily fantasy sports, and lottery. If it’s online and betting, we’re have you covered with a promo code. 

Our Staff

Promo Code Ninja

No one can produce the results of Promo Code Ninja. I keep the free bonuses flowing and the site running.


Cal is a sports writer who covers both the legal side of sports betting, as well as the handicapping side. He has covered all 50 states and their stance on legal sports betting. He is also a successful sports bettor that provides daily picks and information for a number of different websites.


GMan is a long time DFS writer, podcaster, and player who jumped into sports betting in 2018. His DFS playing days go back to when you had to decide between Andray Blatche and Reggie Evans of the Brooklyn Nets. He has written betting news and articles for over 5 years.


Mac is a sports writer from Chicago, naturally drawn to the eclectic and electric wisdom and wise cracks of the streets of New York City. Mackenzie lived in NY where he frequently took the Metro North down to see and write about sporting events from Rucker Park to Flushing Meadows.


Tommy has been betting on sports over a decade and enjoys digging into betting strategy. Tom concentrates on odds analysis on the NFL, PGA and college football. Tom has over 10 years of writing experience in the space and brings a unique perspective when covering the NY legislative process.